Friday, April 16, 2010

Anyone headed to Samoa in Aug/Sept?

I enjoyed my time in Samoa last year so much, I am considering a repeat visit. This time, I will probably be going there alone. I was wondering if anyone else may be there during the school break for it might be nice to get together for dinner or something like that. I am looking to entertain myself much of the time and not rely too heavily on Paul for that. 'Could be a real adventure.


Karen said...

Hi Jane,

We are actually meeting Erin in Hawaii this summer so we won't be traveling to Samoa. It would have been fun to meet up with another parent. Maybe someone else is going. I stayed an extra week last summer so I traveled home alone and didn't have any trouble. Enjoy your adventure:)


Patty Leal said...

I'm so jealous! We're meeting Matthew in Hawaii in less than two weeks (I can hardly wait!), but I would love to go back to Samoa.

Anonymous said...

I am Blakey,s mother and we are headed to Samoa in two weeks.( June 1st). We will be in LA for a few days first. I'd love to know what to wear in that kind of heat,and any other travel tips you have. We are also spending a few days in Auckland, NZ. Rotarua is the destination if you know of it, we only have a few days there due to the flight.Does any one have something they want us to take to a PCV ?