Saturday, October 2, 2010

Group 83

It has been fun reading posts of those in group 83. It brings me back to much of the same excitement and all the unknowns when Paul was headed there two years ago. The time has just flown by. It has been a fun experience for me learning about life in Samoa.

If any of you group 83ers read this, all the best to you on your adventure. How very lucky you are. Also, I have recently returned from my second visit to see my son Paul in Samoa. If down the road your parents would like to hear about traveling there, they are welcome to contact me.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Five weeks...

Five weeks from now, I will touch down in Samoa. If you are, or have a PCV there and have something small you would like me to bring along, let me know. 'Can't wait to get back there.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Anyone headed to Samoa in Aug/Sept?

I enjoyed my time in Samoa last year so much, I am considering a repeat visit. This time, I will probably be going there alone. I was wondering if anyone else may be there during the school break for it might be nice to get together for dinner or something like that. I am looking to entertain myself much of the time and not rely too heavily on Paul for that. 'Could be a real adventure.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Countdown to Samoa Trip

In just a few more days, we begin our big trip to Samoa, New Zealand, Australia and then back to Samoa. It is crazy here with all the last minute preparations. Being off work for 6 weeks, which I have never done and finally setting out on this trip we've anticipated for so long makes these last days feel almost surreal.

I'm bringing a guitar for Paul and still have not quite figured out Air New Zealand's stance on that as carry-on luggage. 'Am double bagging some hot sauce and horseradish to bring to Paul. I am nervous about that breaking in my bag. What a nightmare that would be.

A last minute snag is whether school will now be in session to make up for the Swine Flu closure. The change in sides of the roads for driving has caused some rethinking of our plans too. But coping with curve balls is all part of the travel adventure. We will see what happens.

Thank you to each of you for sending me your advice and experience with your trips to Samoa. It was so helpful.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Hey Barb, are you back home yet?

If you are, would you take a look at my last blog entry? 'Would love to hear from you about your trip. I have kaboodles of questions for you.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome back Patty and Marija

Patty, Marija,

I had a bunch of stuff to ask you about your trips and tried to reply to the email notice I received from your recent comments on the blog. After not hearing back, I tested it out with a comment of my own and learned that responding to those notices doesn't seem to work. So, I wondered if I give you my email address whether you would mind writing to me so I can send you my questions.

Karen, if you want to send me a message, and Patty & Marija don't mind me sharing some of their responses, I will share that with you too.

It is;


Saturday, May 2, 2009

The One Left Behind

From the sounds of it, Patty (Matt's Mom) is off to Samoa on Tuesday, Barb (Sara's Mom) goes the following week, Marija (Koa's Mom) goes in May and Karen (Erin's Mom) in June. I have to sit back and wait until late August and its killing me.

Besides whining just a little bit about wishing I too were going there soon, I thought I would point out that you may be there at the same time. Marija, you might even be on the same flight as Patty or Barb. Maybe any one of you will be on the same flight back seeing as the flights are so limited. It would be a shame to be on the same plane there or back and not even realize it. If your time in Apia overlaps, you might even be able to meet up, perhaps at a fia fia. So in case you want to learn more in order to connect, I bring that up now.

Are you all bringing anything special there? Are there comforts of home you will pack? Paul actually wants me to come packing an electric guitar! I have started to buy some fun gifts for the kids he knows.

When you go, would you be thinking about any advice you can pass along for my trip? Would you tell us some stories about your experience on this blog? If you happen to run into Paul (though unlikely since he is on Savai'i), would you take some photos of him to send to me? Your reports could be the up side of my staying behind while you all are on your way.

If we don't connect before you leave, I'll be thinking of you. Have a wonderful time.