Saturday, October 2, 2010

Group 83

It has been fun reading posts of those in group 83. It brings me back to much of the same excitement and all the unknowns when Paul was headed there two years ago. The time has just flown by. It has been a fun experience for me learning about life in Samoa.

If any of you group 83ers read this, all the best to you on your adventure. How very lucky you are. Also, I have recently returned from my second visit to see my son Paul in Samoa. If down the road your parents would like to hear about traveling there, they are welcome to contact me.


Barb Carusillo said...

Pretty soon, you will find yourselves in our position...your offspring is done with service and back home. I will continue to read about Samoa as long as Matt is there, since I check his daily like you, and I click on the other blogs he has on the side. But I will probably trail off after that. Their adventure was an adventure for us as well, vicariously.

Karen said...

Yes, I agree with Barb.I feel like Group 81's adventure was an adventure for all of us at home as well; especially thanks to Matt. I read Matt's blog almost every day and a few of the others, but doubt I will do so on a regular basis after Group 81 is all home. I believe a few of them are extending their service. My daughter will be home in 6 weeks for the first time in over 2 years. We are all counting the days!

Best of luck to Group 83!

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