Saturday, May 2, 2009

The One Left Behind

From the sounds of it, Patty (Matt's Mom) is off to Samoa on Tuesday, Barb (Sara's Mom) goes the following week, Marija (Koa's Mom) goes in May and Karen (Erin's Mom) in June. I have to sit back and wait until late August and its killing me.

Besides whining just a little bit about wishing I too were going there soon, I thought I would point out that you may be there at the same time. Marija, you might even be on the same flight as Patty or Barb. Maybe any one of you will be on the same flight back seeing as the flights are so limited. It would be a shame to be on the same plane there or back and not even realize it. If your time in Apia overlaps, you might even be able to meet up, perhaps at a fia fia. So in case you want to learn more in order to connect, I bring that up now.

Are you all bringing anything special there? Are there comforts of home you will pack? Paul actually wants me to come packing an electric guitar! I have started to buy some fun gifts for the kids he knows.

When you go, would you be thinking about any advice you can pass along for my trip? Would you tell us some stories about your experience on this blog? If you happen to run into Paul (though unlikely since he is on Savai'i), would you take some photos of him to send to me? Your reports could be the up side of my staying behind while you all are on your way.

If we don't connect before you leave, I'll be thinking of you. Have a wonderful time.


Patty Leal said...

I wish you were going to be there with us. I would love to meet you! We're actually bringing a guitar - not an electric one, though. I don't know what to expect but I'm really looking forward to seeing Matthew and meeting some of the people he blogs about. I'll definitely contact you when we get back.

marija said...

We are going on Tu. 5/12 I think on the same flight with Sara's parents and staying at the Aggie Gray in Apia.

Barb Carusillo said...

Sara tells me that we definitely are on the same flight as Koa's folks. Looking forward to meeting you Marija! Sara said she and Cale and Koa are going together to rent a van to pick us all up, along with our stuff at the airport, so that is pretty cool.
We are bringing a bunch of stuff to donate to Sara and Cale's schools, fancy schmancy computer stuff that my husband could explain better. We have been doing trial packing and weighing for checked items and carry on.
We are staying with Sara and Cale part of the time, other places including beach fales, Savaii to visit Nick (so maybe we will get pictures of Paul!)etc. I do hope we get to meet some of the folks Sara mentions in her blogs. Also, some of the other bloggers...who have tolerated my corny comments.

Karen said...

I will probably miss the others. We are leaving on June 11th so they will probably be home by then. We also are going to Savaii for several days so we may get to meet Paul. If so, I will definately take his picture for you. I am so excited to see Erin that I can barely stand it. I know you feel the same. We are also taking a computer to donate to Erin's school...not sure what else. I hope we hear from the others before I leave!

marija said...

hey all,
we are back in the states and had a fantastic trip. We have >800 pictures (are digital cameras amazing?) Our kids are doing fantastic job and have emerged in the Samoan culture and society nicely. Hope they will continue blogging...I already wish to go back again....
Marija (Toa,s mom)

Karen said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip and made it home safely! I'm trying to decide what currency to take. Did y'all take traveler's checks? Were American dollars accepted or did you exchange? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Patty Leal said...

There are ATMs available so we used them as well as exchanging some cash at Aggie Grey's. I probably wouldn't take Travelers Checks because when we were in Portugal they wanted to charge us huge fees to cash them. We didn't take any to Samoa. I'm with Marija. I'm ready to go back! It is beautiful and nowhere near as hot and humid as I had feared. My daughter plans to go from Sept 1 to 8. Will she overlap with you, Jane? It was great to meet everyone. Joe (my husband, Matthew's dad) really enjoyed talking to Paul! It was fun meeting Marija and Barb as well.

Karen said...

Thanks, Patty. I won't worry with traveler's checks. I enjoyed seeing pictures of you and the others on Matt's website. Please tell him how much I enjoy reading his blogs. He is a gifted writer. I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. I'm counting down...two weeks and two days to go!